GROUNDED SOLAR SYSTEM – Grounded sun and Nine views

Scuplture of the "grounded" Saturn

D. Preis: Sculpture od the "grounded" Saturn (2004)
Address: Raciceva Street 1
Distance from the Grounded sun : 1851.2 m
Sphere of stainless steel with diameter of 21 cm

The "grounded" Saturn (hereinafter: the saturn) is in Raciceva Street 1 on the pillar of the concrete fence in front of the house.

From Grounded sun you arrive on the Ban Jelacic Square. Then continuing eastward on Jurisiceva Street to the intersection with Draskoviceva Street. From Draskoviceva Street continue to Vlaska Street and along the Kvaternik Square you follow Maksimir Street (about 1800 meters) to the left turn for the Masiceva Street. At the end of Masiceva Street you come to the roundabout at the Bukovac Square where you will turn into second street on the right, ie. Raciceva Street.
If you want to shorten the trip, then take the tram ride (line no. 11 or 12, ZET) from the Ban Jelacic Square to the station Masiceva (first station after the Kvaternik Square). Further, you continue on foot: Masiceva Street to the roundabout (Bukovac Square) where we turn into Raciceva Street.

Position of the saturn on the internet city map in OpenStreetMap.

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