GROUNDED SOLAR SYSTEM – Grounded sun and Nine views

Scuplture of the "grounded" Pluto

D. Preis: Sculpture od the "grounded" Pluto (2004)
Address: Bologna Avenue (underpass)
Distance from the Grounded sun : 7658.6 m
Sphere of stainless steel with diameter of 3 mm

The "grounded" Pluto (hereinafter: the pluto) is located on the supporting pillar in the underpass of the Bologna Avenue.

You can visit even this, the most distant, "grounded" planet riding the tram, bus or car. From the Ban Jelacic Square ride the tram line no. 6 or 11 (ZET) to turnaround in Crnomerec. Continue the ride by bus line no. 120 (ZET) or 121 (ZET) to bus station Medpotoki or Dubravica in Bologna Avenue. Further, go on foot untill underpass, and on the first supporting pillar is the pluto.

Metal model of the pluto is demaged (sphere is missing).

Position of pluto on the internet city map in OpenStreetMap.

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