GROUNDED SOLAR SYSTEM – Grounded sun and Nine views

Scuplture of the "grounded" Neptune

D. Preis: Sculpture od the "grounded" Neptune (2004)
Address: Kozari road
Distance from the Grounded sun : 5833.5 m
Sphere of stainless steel with diameter of 8.6 cm

The "grounded" Neptune (hereinafter: the neptune) is in the district Kozari Bok, on the one of the lighting poles in the Kozari road.

There are many ways available to the remote "grounded" planet neptune. Most visitors will still choose tram ride, bus or car. Start from the Ban Jelacic Square with tram line no. 14 or 17 (ZET) to Ilica Street, then Frankopanska Street and Savska road untill Slavonska Avenue, or tram station Vjesnik (located on the intersection of Savska road and Slavonska Avenue). Continue the ride by bus (no. 107, ZET)until the station Radnicki road/Kozari. Further, go on foot through Radnicki road II and Kozari Bok Street and after several sharp bend you arrive to lightning pole on which there is neptune.
Or take the tram line no. 6 or 13 (ZET) from the Ban Jelacic Square to the Main station (Glavni kolodvor) where you should change to tram line no. 2 or 3 and continue the ride to station Elka. Continue on foot through service/industrial road to Radnicka street II and Kozari Bok Street all to the neptune.

Position of the neptune on the internet cit map in OpenStreetMap.

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