GROUNDED SOLAR SYSTEM – Grounded sun and Nine views

Grounded solar system in Zagreb

Zagreb is the capital and the largest city of the Republic of Croatia.
It is situated in continental central Croatia, on the southern slopes of the Medvednica mountain and on the banks of the Sava River. Average elevation is approximately 122 meters and the highest peak is Sljeme, 1033 meters. Its favorable geographic position in the southwestern part of the Pannonian Basin, which extends to the Alpine, Dinaric, Adriatic and Pannonic regions, provides an excellent connection for traffic between Central and Southeastern Europe and the Adriatic Sea.

More information about the city you can find on the Zagreb tourist info web page and city map is visible in OpenStreetMap.

Zagreb solar system is an ambiental art installation of the "grounded" solar system with the artistic name the Grounded Sun and Nine Views.

Central sculpture the Grounded Sun, work of academician Ivan Kozaric, was set in 1971 at the Theater Square in front of the Croatian National Theater. The sculpture was often damaged and dislocated. Its replica has been permanently placed in the Bogoviceva Street since 1994.

Nine "grounded" planets called Nine Views were conceived and artistically designed by Davor Preis. The sculptures were placed in 2004 in the wider area of Zagreb from Ban Jelacic Square to Podsused and Kozari bok. Below each sculpture (stainless steel ball) there is a metal plaque with information about the name, diameter and average distance of planets from the sun. Preis determined diameters of sculptures of the "grounded" planets taking into account the diameter of the Grounded Sun sculpture. Distances of the "grounded" planets are proportional to actual distances of planets from the Sun. For example, the largest sculpture of the planet Jupiter has a diameter of 28 centimetres and the smallest Pluto (which is officially no longer a planet since 2006), only 3 milimetres. Distance to the nearest "grounded" planet Mercury, from the Grounded Sun is 75 m, and to the most distant Pluto is 7658.6 m.

GPS tracks from the sculpture Grounded Sun to sculptures of "grounded" planets are determinated by using the handheld GPS device, GARMIN GPSmap 60CSx. These tracks are about 30.5 kilometers long.

There is a bronze plaque with the geographical GPS coordinates: φ = 45 ° 48 '47 ", λ = 15 ° 58' 42" on the Ban Jelacic Square near Mandusevac Fountain. Croatian geodetic society. set this plaque in 1998.