GROUNDED SOLAR SYSTEM – Grounded sun and Nine views

Sculpture of the "grounded" Earth

D. Preis : Sculpture of the "grounded" Earth (2004)
Address : Varsavska Street 9
Distance from the Grounded Sun : 193.7 m
Sphere of stainless steel with diameter of 18 mm

The "grounded" Earth (hereinafter: the earth) is in the Varsavska Street on the column of building no. 9 (on the ground floor is Volksbank Bank).

From the Grounded Sun continue along Bogoviceva Street towards west to Petra Preradovica Square, then cross it and continue to walk a hundred meters from Varsavska Street to Volksbank. The Earth is located on the column next to the ATM.

Position of the earth on the internet city map in OpenStreetMap.

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